Basic body measurements – draft 3


Yes! The draft 3 version of the basic bodies including all the markings and elastic bands you need for measuring. I would like to also thank you for the comments I have received on earlier work, they were of great help, so thank you!

Again, there is a little disclaimer to draft 3: a few tiny details are not totally aligned – but I can live with that. And again, please let me have your thoughts on these figurines.

Since I am not sure yet how I want to market the work in this blog I have added an all over print of my company website.

There is only one reason to mark the body as I have done and that is to measure correctly. No markings, no correct measurements.

Basic tip 2: Mark your dress form or fitting model before measuring. The results of your main and detail measurements will NOT be correct if you do not start with marking.

Want to know how to mark the dress form or fitting model? Stay tuned!

Please feel free to place your comments or questions in the reply area below.

Best regards, Martine

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