Adding assignments

I have just thought of something which might be beneficial for you reading this blog and for me writing it. I am looking to (further) develop my teaching materials and do so by setting blog assingments for myself. Since you happen to read this you might want to join in and possibly do the assignments with me? I hope to include a suitable, big or small assignment with every post I do. You are very welcome to do so. 🙂

While doing so, I would be pleased if you could also log the following:

1 Is the explanation of the assignment clear? If not, why?

2 How much time did it take you to do the full assignment?

3 What did you learn?

4 Do you have questions?

5 Did you enjoy the assignment? Why or why not?

And of course you are happy to add anything you would like to say about assignments.

Best regards, Martine

2 thoughts on “Adding assignments

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